When you’re busy managing and building your business day in and day out –­ it can be difficult to foresee the needs and goals of your financial future. With the help of our friendly and experienced staff, you can choose the best option for saving, growing and managing your day-to-day cash flow. We offer competitive rates, 24-hour liquidity and the opportunity to earn additional interest with our business CDs, for a banking experience that goes beyond meeting your needs, to exceed your expectations.

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Star Business SavingsInvestar Plus Business MMDACertificates of Deposit1
Interest Bearing
Minimum to Open $200 $2,500 $500
Service Charge(s) $15 Quarterly $15 Monthly Early Withdrawal Penalty
Minimum Balance to Earn Interest N/A None $0.01
Minimum Daily Balance to Avoid Service Charges $200 $2,500 None
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* CDs are offered in multiple terms. Bump CDs are available with a $5,000 minimum. Interest is paid monthly. Penalty for early withdrawal.


  • Minimum to open $200
  • Any balance of at least $0.01 earns interest
  • Maintain a minimum daily balance of only $200 to avoid the quarterly cycle service charge of $15

  • Minimum to open $2,500
  • Minimum daily balance of $0.01 to earn interest^
  • Maintain a minimum daily balance of only $2,500 to avoid the statement cycle service charge of $15

^Tiered interest rate based on account balance

Investar Bank offers competitive rates on various certificates of deposit.

  • $500 minimum to open
  • Interest paid monthly
  • Penalty for early withdrawal
  • Bump CDs available with $5,000 minimum opening balance

CDs are offered in terms of 3, 6, 9, 12, 18, 24, 36, 48 and 60 months.


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